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The Demand tab is designed to offer you data on your product's: 1) Demand volume; 2) Demand distribution across search engines; and 3) Seasonal demand trend. You will be able to identify the exact times of the year that are best to sell any product. Know in advance when it's best to buy a particular product from your suppliers; Optimise your money's return by buying stock just before you know it will sell; Reduce the risk of holding idle unsold stock; Turnaround your money quicker to buy new stock to resell at even more profits; Identify a product's slow period to buy from suppliers at a discount.

The Wizard will also return a product's demand effectiveness. While demand may be high, the competition associated with a product may be too high to make it as profitable as it may seem at first glance. You will be able to analyse demand variations and related keywords to take over untapped markets. And last but not least, misspelt keywords, which can be very profitable by attracting cheap traffic on search engines and to grab bargains on eBay.

* Please note the data below is sample data for illustration purposes only.

HelpReport Summary

Search Term Toys
Country United Kingdom   [ create the same report for a different country ]
Report Created April 8, 2009 10:57:22 AM
HelpDate Range February 20, 2009 to March 20, 2009    [ change date range ]

HelpAggregate Demand

High Internet DemandInternet Demand

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

HelpDemand Volume [ UK ]

Yearly volume 1,265,456
Last 60 Days arrow down 62,245
Daily Estimate 2074
Google Daily Estimate 1080
Yahoo Daily Estimate 444
MSN Daily Estimate 291
Aak Daily Estimate 149
eBay Daily Estimate 110

HelpDemand Distribution [ 2008 - 2009 ]

  • Google52.09%
  • Yahoo21.40%
  • MSN14.01%
  • eBay7.20%
  • ASK5.30%

HelpSeasonal Trend [ 2009 ]

Line Graph

HelpDemand Variations [ UK ]

Keywords Google Yahoo MSN Overall Demand
(Expand all)(Close all) Yearly Yearly Yearly Yearly
Last 60 Days Last 60 Days Last 60 Days Last 60 Days
Daily Estimate Daily Estimate Daily Estimate Daily Estimate
toys 32,400 13,320 8,730 62,245
dog toys 15,371 3,678 2,450 22,278
adult toys 13,344 2,965 1,297 18,534
wood toys 9,412 3,764 2,053 17,113
toys for tots 9,015 2,471 1,308 14,541
doctor who toys 7,473 1,245 2,604 11,324
toy stores 7,240 1,559 2,227 11,139
american toys 5,847 2,714 1,461 10,441
baby toys 5,709 1,870 2,067 9,844
educational toys 5,282 1,956 1,271 9,783

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Showing 1 - 10 of 2,865 Demand Variations, total 287 pages

HelpDemand Effectiveness Index (DEI) [ UK - Based on Yearly Volumes ]

toys Searches Search Results DEI Daily Estimate
Yahoo 32,345 85,634 7.02 3,924
Ask 24,345 856,342 7.02 3924
Ebay 400,239 1,020,000 4.05 4,823
Live Search 21,124 1,020,000 4.05 4823
Ebay 211,239 1,020,000 4.05 4823

HelpRelated Keywords


HelpThesaurus Keywords


discount toys game
antique toys novelty
toddler toys plaything
baby toys puppet
wooden toys doll
radio control toys board game
remote control toys figurine
outdoor toys pastime
adult toys amusement
novelty toys gadget

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Showing 1-10 of 348 related keywords, total 35 pages

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Showing 1-10 of 16 thesaurus keywords, total 2 pages

HelpKeyword Spelling Mistakes [ Based on Yearly Volumes ]

Keyword Searches Search Results DEIHelp
ttoys 2,541 5,690 44.65
tyos 4,892 14,600 33.50
toyss 2,459 13,800 17.82
otys 8,231 47,700 17.25
roys 432,000 2,700,000 16
tosy 11,259 81,000 13.90
toyys 397 3,690 10.76
tooys 563 5,390 10.44
tos 21,449 35,100,000 0.06
tys 4,676 34,100,000 0.01

HelpeBay Demand

Toys was searched 40,234 times on eBay UK during the selected period

Recent Wanted Requests for Toys on eBay UK: 430

HelpeBay Demand Variations [ Based on Yearly Volumes ]


toys 40,234
godzilla toys 12,386
wooden toys 11,190
radio controlled toys 10,955
remote control toys 10,342
toy story 9,759
water toy 9,412
beach toys 9,198
toy bag 8,412
baby toys 8,409

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Showing 1 - 10 of 837 eBay Demand Variations, total 84 pages

eSources Market Research Wizard v3.0 Intro Tour

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Close XReport Summary

The report summary includes the parameters of the report, including:

Search Term:
the keyword for which you have requested a report
the country for which the report data was gathered for
Report Created:
creation date of the report
Date Range:
from which date to which date the data has been analysed
Close XAggregate Demand

Aggregate Demand shows the overall demand potential for your keyword based on overall demand data.

Close XDemand Volume

The Demand Volume gives you an overview of your keyword's demand over different time periods, as well as based on your report's chosen date range:

Yearly Volume:
how many times the keyword has been searched in search engines over the past year in your chosen country
Last 60 Days:
shows the last 60 days search volume, as well as the trend compared to the previous 60 days (Down arrow: decreasing search volume trend, Up arrow: increasing search volume trend)
Daily Estimate:
how many times your keyword has been searched for daily based on the last 30 days average search volume in your chosen country
Close XDemand Distribution

This section shows the search distribution for your keywords across the major search engines during your chosen date range, and for your chosen country.

Close XSeasonal Trend

The seasonal trend indicates the fluctuation of demand for your keyword over the last year. Use this graph to identify best times of the year to sell your goods, and consider buying stock during those times when the demand trend is low. Suppliers will be more likely to liquidate their stock during slow periods.

Close XDate Range

This is the date range used to analyse your keyword's demand data. Date ranges may vary slightly between tabs to ensure you are always provided with the most recent data available.

Close XDemand Variations

This section shows keyword variations for your chosen search term. Analysing search variations is indispensable to ensure you are targeting the right combination of keywords. It also helps in identifying which keywords you should include in your product listings and auction listings to attract the highest number of relevant searchers.

Close XDemand Effectiveness Index (DEI)

While a keyword may attract a lot of demand, you should always outweight the level of competition associated with it. The demand effectiveness index indicates just that, the relationship between demand and competition. The higher the demand effectiveness index, the more a keyword is attractive and potentially profitable.

Close XRelated Keywords

Related keywords are keywords broadly related to your search term. They will help you broaden the markets available for your product, and to identify new markets to exploit.

Close XThesaurus Keywords

Thesaurus keywords are synonyms related to your search term. Use them to identify alternative keywords used by buyers to find your products.

Close XMisspelt Keywords

Use misspellings to attract cheap traffic on search engines and to grab bargains on eBay. When sellers list items on eBay misspelling the title and / or description, their listing will be found by fewer buyers. Use misspellings to grab yourself a bargain on eBay, then resell it at a profit by using the correct spelling.

Close XeBay Demand

This table shows demand data specific to eBay, including how many times your search term has been searched for during your selected date range, and how many wanted requests are currently present on the eBay site of your chosen country.

Close XeBay Demand Variations

Variations in the search terms used by buyers to find products related to your search term on eBay.